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Sophie and Zorie had their first weekend alone and there was an actual house when we returned, not just a smoking hole in the ground. I won't go so far as to say they missed us, but they did still recognize us.

This was Judy's first trip to the cabin as Primary (only) Dog and she didn't enjoy being left by herself when we went into BS, or when we went upstairs for the night. She was quite the needy pup, but we gave her lots of affection and that seemed to help.

We had a celebratory dinner at Lot 12... nom nom nom.
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Obscure Movies

Saw Mongol last night, a film about the early life of Ghengis Khan. It was great, with lovely vistas, engaging battle scenes, and a compelling story. Also, excellent hats and plenty of horses. It's playing at the Shirlington, you should see it if you like Kurosawa's films - or hats.

The gore level is pretty minimal considering the subject matter. Even in the battle scenes there is only some stage blood flying and then bodies heaped on the ground.

For the horse enthusiasts - they didn't (couldn't, most likely) use the correct type of horse. But it's a minor point.

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Home Theater

I tried giving the kittens the run of the house over the weekend. I did shut the door to the basement when I fed Mr. B, so he could eat in peace, but other than that they were loose. I think it worked well; a few things got knocked over or pulled out (such as the CDs) but there were no real traumas for anyone. The kittens are becoming quite affectionate and took most of their naps beside or on top of me, with much purring. Judy did get to their food twice, when I forgot to close the dog gate at the bathroom door (they still get fed in the bathroom), but J. didn’t freak out or do anything untoward to Sophie when Sophie stuck her head into J’s dish at breakfast time. Judy is not following them around quite so diligently, but she is also not running away when they grab her tail. There were many instances of Kitten Kung Fu Theater, when they hurled themselves through the air at one another with quite visible speed lines.
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 Evcelt is handling the sad business of clearing Molly's presence from the house - he took her crate apart and out of the living room, put away her bowls, put her collar on the Ghede altar, and found a shelter with a client who has Addison's Disease. We had just gotten a new shipment of Florinef when Molly died, so we were left with 5 unopened bottles of the (fairly expensive) pills. It's nice to think that Molly's pills will buy time for another dog, but it still makes me cry.
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Th e Terror Twins Discover the Scratching Post

We have been letting the kittens out of durance vile in the bathroom for little get acquainted sessions with the rest of the house. Yesterday evcelt moved the old scratching post out to a spot where they couldn't miss it, and the games began. We are well nigh dead of cute - the way one will clamber up on top, then fight with the other, is just darling. They have already ripped the dangling toy off the post - we will probably screw in a small eye screw to give us a place to tie new toys.

The vet visit went well, though after the ear washing poor Sophie ran back into the cat carrier with her ears down.

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Self-Doubt re: Kittens

 I've been reading enough about "Kitten Care" to put the fear into me. We will refill the bathroom litterbox with non-clumping litter tonight. S and Z have tested negative for FeLeuk and FIV, but I am still worried that they may have had False Negatives. And what about worms! (Yes, they've been wormed, and had their first set of vaccinations...) I need to stay away from helpful websites.

Seriously, we never had specific cat furniture during the long reign of Brutus and Shadow and I don't think they missed it, but authoritative (vet school) articles made it sound like you were abusing your cats if you didn't have a cat tree or other device that provides a place to climb, hide, sharpen claws, and pose prettily, all in one. I'm begging for reassurance here - if you are treeless and your cats seem well-adjusted anyway, please comment.

We do have one windowsill suitable for birdwatching (unless you are Mr. Brutus, who hasn't been up there since he lost his figure), a scratching post, and multiple places to hide under and behind furniture, but the climbing opportunities are very limited.
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Post 3 things you've done in your lifetime that you don't think anybody else on your friends list has done.

See if anybody else responds with "I've done that." If they have, you need to add another!(2.b., 2.c., etc...)
Have your friends cut & paste this into their journal to see what unique things they've done in their life.

My three:

1. I spent four years in a plastic cast that covered my torso from just under the arms to just above my thighs (I could sit down, but it was close).
2. I have worn a corset and side hoops while commuting on Metro..
3. I have been picketed.
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Ours Goes To Eleven

Had a good festival this year, much of which can be attributed to being in the cool and shady Cabin 11. Other than the tornado incident, nothing disturbing happened. Even the power going out on Saturday didn't cause much of a problem (for me, others' MMV). Didn't go to many classes this year, but the ones I caught were excellent.

There were two fire cicles a couple of nights, one the traditional version and the other a highly planned alchemical fire circle. The night I went to the traditional  one almost no one was there, so I just sat and watched the flames for a while. Then I walked up the hill to see the new alchemical circle, which I figured was where everyone was (confirmed). I only observed, I didn't participate, but the alchemical plan seemed to be working well for people. There were 3 concentric rings of dancers around the fire pit, some with rattles; an area with seating for drummers (which limited the number of drummers at any given time - no seat, no drum); a table of rattles and other instruments for the dancers to borrow; and areas for watchers. Ordinarily I don't like a lot of regimentation, but it seemed to work well. The one complaint I have with the alchemical fire circle as done on this occasion was the size of the fire. The fire was in a fire ring, so it didn't have the sheer presence of the traditional fire circle. However, big props to the organizers for keeping alcohol out of the ritual. There were no drunks stumbling around the alchemical fire circle, no, not a one.