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June 17th, 2008 - First, Catch Your Fish

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June 17th, 2008

06:16 pm - Ours Goes To Eleven

Had a good festival this year, much of which can be attributed to being in the cool and shady Cabin 11. Other than the tornado incident, nothing disturbing happened. Even the power going out on Saturday didn't cause much of a problem (for me, others' MMV). Didn't go to many classes this year, but the ones I caught were excellent.

There were two fire cicles a couple of nights, one the traditional version and the other a highly planned alchemical fire circle. The night I went to the traditional  one almost no one was there, so I just sat and watched the flames for a while. Then I walked up the hill to see the new alchemical circle, which I figured was where everyone was (confirmed). I only observed, I didn't participate, but the alchemical plan seemed to be working well for people. There were 3 concentric rings of dancers around the fire pit, some with rattles; an area with seating for drummers (which limited the number of drummers at any given time - no seat, no drum); a table of rattles and other instruments for the dancers to borrow; and areas for watchers. Ordinarily I don't like a lot of regimentation, but it seemed to work well. The one complaint I have with the alchemical fire circle as done on this occasion was the size of the fire. The fire was in a fire ring, so it didn't have the sheer presence of the traditional fire circle. However, big props to the organizers for keeping alcohol out of the ritual. There were no drunks stumbling around the alchemical fire circle, no, not a one.

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