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Self-Doubt re: Kittens - First, Catch Your Fish

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June 30th, 2008

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06:26 pm - Self-Doubt re: Kittens
 I've been reading enough about "Kitten Care" to put the fear into me. We will refill the bathroom litterbox with non-clumping litter tonight. S and Z have tested negative for FeLeuk and FIV, but I am still worried that they may have had False Negatives. And what about worms! (Yes, they've been wormed, and had their first set of vaccinations...) I need to stay away from helpful websites.

Seriously, we never had specific cat furniture during the long reign of Brutus and Shadow and I don't think they missed it, but authoritative (vet school) articles made it sound like you were abusing your cats if you didn't have a cat tree or other device that provides a place to climb, hide, sharpen claws, and pose prettily, all in one. I'm begging for reassurance here - if you are treeless and your cats seem well-adjusted anyway, please comment.

We do have one windowsill suitable for birdwatching (unless you are Mr. Brutus, who hasn't been up there since he lost his figure), a scratching post, and multiple places to hide under and behind furniture, but the climbing opportunities are very limited.

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Date:July 2nd, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
Our cats did just fine without any special furniture! Like Flaviarassen's cats, when we finally tried to give them a scratching post, they ignored it.

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